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House Plan Sets                                  Price

One Set: This is a full set of
 copyrighted plans. To
build from the plans you
can upgrade to 5 or 8 sets
and I'll credit your one-set
purchase toward the
upgrade.                                                $495.00

Five Sets: Five sets of copy-righted
 plans printed on over-sized paper.
This is the minimum package
you can build from.


Eight Sets:  Eight full sets
 of copyrighted plans
printed on over-sized paper.
This is enough for
any job.                                                   $550.00

PDF File:  The PDF file
provides you with an
electronic version of the
plan's construction
documents.The plans are
 emailed to you and
then you have copies made
at a blueprint shop.                                   $625.00

Additional sets (Each)                                 $50.00

If you like a plan but would like to change something, contact me and we can talk about making modifications. I can also design a home to your unique specifications.

Contact me at: or at (850) 228-3633.
If you have decided to purchase house plans:
1. Click on the PayPal button to submit payment for the number of sets you wish to buy.

2. Email me the NAME of the plan (AMANDA, ELIZABETH, ETC.) and the house plan set you have purchased (1 set, 3 sets, 5 sets, PDF file).

3. When I have received your PayPal receipt I will send you the plans.  Shipping is free to any destination in the US!

Thank you for your business.

House Plan Sets

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